That Flourish

The Furman Advantage will foster thriving communities—communities on campus that actively engage our students, faculty, and staff, as well as communities in South Carolina and beyond.

Our concept of community starts at home. Our intimate campus and commitment to the success of every member of the Furman community means we support one another to give our best, every day. We believe that an inclusive community that celebrates and engages difference creates the space we need to learn and develop new ideas. And then we expand that concept far beyond the boundaries of campus, advancing the well-being of the diverse communities in Greenville and around the world.

The Furman Advantage is redefining community engagement, creating an innovative model of community-centered learning. Furman students will join forces with faculty, staff, alumni, and community members to explore and address real-world problems, responding directly to community needs while discovering what works.

The Furman Advantage will create an innovative model of community-centered learning with five key components:

The Furman Advantage will create and fund appropriate organizational structures to catalyze and organize Furman's outward-facing work by:

The Furman Advantage will launch an ambitious set of interconnected, public-facing institutes to focus our community engagement efforts and impact through:

Elements of The Furman Advantage

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Our Vision

The Furman Advantage guarantees every student an unparalleled education that combines classroom learning with real-world experiences and self-discovery. This integrated four-year pathway prepares students for lives of purpose and accelerated career and community impact—demonstrating in concrete terms the value of a Furman education.